We develop the standards of tomorrow

„How can the efficiency of my production operations be enhanced, and what solutions will make them even more profitable?“

Questions regarding cost efficiency and process reliability like the ones above are crucial to the success of any company – and that’s why the answers to them should be customised, strategic and efficient.

As a full-range supplier operating in the fields of automation and special-purpose mechanical engineering, HSL Technologie GmbH develops and implements tailor-made solutions to ensure your future viability.

We use our experience and expertise to develop innovative solutions for you that meet your company’s individual requirements with regard to a progressive production process.

Many global companies are already profiting from their strategic partnership and personal collaborative relationship with our team of experts.

We hope that you too will place your trust in the precision, quality and reliability of HSL Technologie GmbH.

Experience: the key to success

We are characterised by our more than 30 years of experience in the industry – and this will lead your project to success too.

With us, you don’t just acquire a machine; you acquire a long-term partner too.

We support you in every phase of the value creation chain and will always find the most cost-efficient solution for you.

Our customers rely on us, and our project outcomes speak for themselves::
  • Machine availability of 97%
  • Increase in throughput by 6%
  • Cycle times of up to 5 seconds
  • Reduction in installation effort by more than 5%
  • Material savings of more than 2%
  • Reduction in production costs by approximately 3,5%
  • 2-3% advantage with regard to manufacturing costs compared to our competitors