Our philosophy

The success of any company is based on the standards and values that it decides to follow.

You always sell your philosophy along with your product. Particularly in today’s fast-moving economy, it is important to hold on to fundamental values like honesty, trust and loyalty.

We identify with our work – and our corporate culture:

Trust in our most valuable asset – our employees

We owe the success of our solutions to the motivation and hard work of every single one of our employees. Our personal interactions with one another are based on trust, equality and open communication. We are proud of our employees, because they make a valuable contribution to our company’s further development every day.


The highest “Made in Germany” quality

When developing and implementing our solutions, we always rely on maximum precision, high-quality materials and the latest technologies. Because what is considered an innovation in the industry today may be considered standard tomorrow. And because standard solutions usually lead to standard results, we implement individual, cost-efficient and sustainable projects, with everything coming from a single source, to ensure our customers’ success in the future too.


Customer relationships based on partnerships

In addition to our employees, in our company it is mainly the customer who takes centre stage. We don’t see ourselves as mere suppliers, but rather as strategic partners in all phases of the value creation chain. Personal discussions, a direct contact person in Karlsruhe and visits to the customer’s own premises are – together with openness, honesty and transparency – what constitutes the principle of our daily work with all of our customers.


Long-term supplier relationships

The relationship with our suppliers is also based on open, long-term collaboration. We can always rely on the outstanding quality of our suppliers’ products, because for them, openness, cost efficiency and flexibility form an equally essential part of a successful business partnership.


Economical thinking

Expensive isn’t always better. Simple and cost-efficient alternatives are often the most suitable. That’s why we perform a preliminary analysis of all materials and components that will be used in order to implement the most profitable and efficient solution for our customers.


Continuous further development

With every project, we get to know new challenges and can thus constantly expand our knowledge. After all, only those who make constant progress in their processes and mindset will be able to overcome even the most complex of challenges in the future.

“Our innovations are only successful if they become a profitable reality for our customers. In the words of Hermann Tietz: ‘Quality means that it is the customer who comes back, not the products’.”

Alexander Feth(Managing Director)