Process optimisation – completely automatic...

Sometimes, a totally new perspective is what’s needed to significantly improve the production process. By analysing your process workflow, we can identify weak points in advance that can be completely rectified by means of our innovative automation solutions. Your processes will thus be integrally optimised and their reliability thereby ensured.

The benefit for you:
Forward-looking solutions for cost-efficient production.

Innovative automation

Nowadays, almost every company claims to be “innovative”. But what does that mean in practice – particularly for you as an HSL Technologie GmbH customer?

Innovation starts with a vision – which can neither be measured nor quantified in monetary terms. It is our responsibility to turn this vision into a reality that is both progressive and profitable for you.

You will certainly notice that HSL is different...

We don’t define innovative automation by the creative idea, the innovation or the technical implementation process alone. In fact, automation is made up of a combination of

  • Independent, unrestricted thinking

    Even during the conceptual design phase, we take on the challenges thrown up by our customers’ production processes and record them by means of a problem analysis.

    Independently from existing production processes, we attempt to scrutinise the conventional procedures and gain a completely new perspective of these processes.
    In this regard, you not only profit from our cross-industry experience acquired in past projects and from our use of new technologies. It goes without saying that we also incorporate current market developments and industry requirements into our conceptual design process.
    This enables us to work out exactly which of the different solutions are ideal to meet your requirements.

  • Detailed value analysis of each individual function

    Anything that plays a vital role in mass production in particular is an equally important factor for us in individual process optimisation.

    Only when every single stage of the process has been scrutinised and analysed can the machine bring its entire (added) value for your company’s sustainable, economic success. The economic factor of every single function is thus the focus of our approach.

  • Vital cost efficiency aspects

    A company is only successful when it acts economically. But to do so, it needs a partner who thinks economically as well.

    That’s why we ensure that we always offer our customers the alternative that is the most cost-efficient and profitable for them.
    We always keep the cost-benefit ratio in mind in order to develop a long-term, secure solution for you that will also be capable of meeting the future requirements of the global and fast-moving sales markets. Because thinking ahead can help to avoid follow-up costs.

  • And the sustainability factor

    The fast-moving economy means that product lifecycle times are becoming shorter and shorter.

    That’s why we aspire to develop a reliable machine that can bring obvious added value to your process workflows beyond the claimed service life.

If you have already seen added value for both yourself and your company in one of these points, it’s well worth calling us so we can work together to turn your vision into a reality.

Installation and handling technology

Installation and handling technology are every industrial company’s essential elements for progressive production.

The human hand is an important tool in the production processes. We apply our know-how right there, to optimise the use of the human hand for ergonomic, economic or safety-related reasons. No matter whether this is done with a very simple solution or with a complex, flexible robot system: we will find the most cost-efficient solution for you.

HSL offers you tailor-made solutions in installation and handling technology..

For example:

  • Pick and place systems
  • Automated machine loading
  • Automated feed systems
The benefits for you
  • A stable production process
  • Assured operator safety and less physical strain on operators
  • Increase in your production operations’ throughput
  • Higher load stress
  • Faster cycle times

Press-in technology

Press-in technology is a special type of connection technology.

It boasts many mechanical and electrical advantages compared to conventional connection solutions. Particularly in the automotive and supplier industry, the demands placed on stable and “solderless” connections are becoming greater and greater. That’s why we’re offering you a wide range of ways of fulfilling your individual robust connection technology requirements together with us.

HSL offers you tailor-made solutions in press-in technology.

For example:

  • Pressing-in of cotter pins
  • Clinching technology
  • Pressing-in of bolts and shafts
The benefits for you
  • Simple process management
  • Particularly robust connections
  • Reduced installation effort
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Reduced production costs

Marking and labelling technology

In almost every company, marking and labelling have become mandatory nowadays.

However, this doesn’t just apply to hazardous goods, but also to all components that form part of complex devices and assemblies. But there are just as many varying, complex types of labels as there are industries and areas of application. So, in order to spare you from getting bogged down in details, we offer you individual solutions to ensure unambiguous documentation.

HSL offers you tailor-made solutions in marking and labelling technology.

For example:

  • Laser marking systems
  • Classic spray marking technology
  • Label inscription / tagging
The benefits for you
  • Quick and flexible marking
  • Material-independent inscription
  • Avoidance of safety risks
  • Avoidance of costly downtimes
  • Product traceability

Welding and joining technology

The joining of individual parts is one of the most important elements in numerous industrial manufacturing processes.

The selection and quality of joined connections often determine the safety and service life of structural elements, components and systems. With our individual solutions, we ensure that you can rely on the high-quality connection of even the most complex structural elements, and thereby safeguard continuous processes.

HSL offers you tailor-made solutions in welding and joining technology.

For example:

  • Automated soldering system
  • Automated welding system
  • Automated gluing machines
The benefits for you
  • Precise and fast production
  • Outstanding connection quality
  • High level of process reliability
  • Easy connection of even the most complex structural elements
  • Reduced costs due to energy savings

Palletising technology

The palletising of goods and structural elements plays a crucial role in any production operation.

That’s why the machines we develop meet all the fundamental requirements placed on a progressive palletising system: maximum efficiency, maximum precision, outstanding quality and limitless flexibility. Our machines overcome all the challenges thrown up by your product-specific feed or palletising system.

HSL offers you tailor-made solutions in palletising technology.

For example:

  • Palletising using robot systems or portals
  • Palletising of assemblies such as gear axles, wiper motors, etc.
  • Palletising of production parts of all sizes.
The benefits for you
  • Maximum availability
  • Maximum flexibility due to the modular design
  • Future viability
  • Highly scalable solutions
  • Energy and space-saving alternatives

Portal and conveyor technology

The fault-free internal flow of materials is another cornerstone of a smooth production process.

Regardless of the type of conveyed material, we develop the fastest and most flexible alternative for simple and needs-based transport of your goods and structural elements for you.

HSL offers you tailor-made solutions in portal and conveyor technology.

For example:

  • Transport systems
  • Lifting and positioning units
  • Workpiece separation
The benefits for you
  • Flexible transport systems
  • Smooth workflows
  • Efficient overall systems
  • Seamless integration into your production process
  • Maximum level of functional reliability